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Unlike a traditional keynote speaker who stands up and talks to an audience, Karen Agro is an immersive keynote performer. In addition to her compelling message that teaches audiences how to use music as a mood-shifting tool, Karen also performs music in her talks to create a visceral transformation. Her talks are informative, inspiring and engaging. 

Transform your mood in under 10-minutes with music

Are you, or your team, experiencing stress at the thought of managing your own stress? In the past year, the entire economy has experienced the greatest upheaval in recent history. More than 50% of Canadians are anxious about returning to “normal” which transcends both work- and home-life. So many of the modalities typically used for managing the way we feel in times like these are time consuming and difficult to make a habit.

As a practitioner in the field of health for 30-years and a musician for just as long, I’ve learned the power of music in transforming mood quickly, effortlessly and cost effectively.

In this immersive session, you and your team will experience the transformational effects of music and learn how it:

  • Catapults us emotionally, using scientific evidence and real-life examples.
  • Fuels a productive mind and improves well-being.
  • Shifts mood quickly.


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