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Your goal is to teach your team how to build resilience and overcome stress and anxiety so they can be more productive, focused and efficient. In her workshops, Karen Agro teaches organizations and their teams how to use music as a mood-shifting tool. Having spent 30+ years in the corporate world, she knows the importance of having a full toolset to compliment a diverse team and challenges.

The Mindful Music Workshop

Like most Canadian businesses, if we thought pre-pandemic times were tough, the post-pandemic era ushers in an entirely new set of workplace issues. Before COVID-19, stress was driving healthcare costs and reducing productivity at work. The pandemic is widening the corporate productivity gap, challenging the management of time, talent and energy. Engaged and inspired employees are 45% more productive than those who are merely “satisfied”. Imagine their productivity compared with those who are “unsatisfied”!

As a health care practitioner for 30-years and a musician for just as long, I’ve learned the power of music in transforming mood quickly, effortlessly and cost effectively. As a pharmaceutical industry consultant and educator, I have developed the techniques to capture the interest of attendees, equipping them with knowledge and skills to utilize personally and professionally.

In this fun, engaging and highly useful workshop, you and your team will walk away with tools and methodologies to build resilience, increase productivity, manage stress and create joy along the way.

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